Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Denial App

The SJG likes to joke that they left out the denial gene when I arrived in the parking lot of County General.  Maybe if I'd been born in the hospital, and not in an Oldsmobile, I'd have the all-important  denial button necessary to survive in today's meshuggie world.  But it was a rush delivery, and the factory forgot to install it.  Not to worry, peeps.  There's good news to share.  I've gathered a few software mavens, I've raised the necessary funds, and coming soon to an iPhone near you:  The SJG Denial App!  One touch and here's what you get:  An unconscious defense mechanism that helps you avoid emotional conflict and anxiety!   Plus, the chance to bury all those unpleasant thoughts, feelings, desires, impulses, or facts you find intolerable!  Only $1.99.  This is the only app you'll ever need.   Enjoy!  And, as always, you're welcome!


  1. Shite, that's my strongest quality (except when it comes to stupid people - I see them too clearly)