Monday, April 4, 2016

Dateline: Sherman Oaks

Monday on "Dateline: Sherman Oaks":  A loud confrontation in Gelson's results from a love triangle involving a short, Jewish allergy-prone shopper, a handsome produce manager and a Greek yogurt supplier.
Tuesday on "Dateline: Sherman Oaks":  The disturbingly cluttered closet of an internationally-known blogger is explored in hopes of finding that cute pair of flats she bought at Nine West 14 years ago.
Wednesday on "Dateline: Sherman Oaks":  An enabling mother of two who has never won the lottery, let alone played the lottery, shares her uninspiring story.
Thursday on "Dateline:  Sherman Oaks":  Riveting details surrounding the various parking lot mishaps, bumper scrapes and traffic violations of a near-sighted kugel-maker who sometimes forgets to look where she's going.
Friday on "Dateline: Sherman Oaks":  A hometown bagel-hoarder under 5'2" is shocked when she becomes a suspect during the investigation of disappearing trash cans in her posh neighborhood.
Saturday on "Dateline:  Sherman Oaks":  A rapidly-aging woman who holds her pen funny opens up about her challenging life as a left hander.
Sunday on "Dateline: Sherman Oaks": Keith Morrison travels to a dark, mysterious place called the Valley to interview the SJG about all the typographical, grammatical and linguistic crimes she has committed in her daily blog.


  1. Must be sweeps week... oh, wait: do they still have sweeps week?

  2. Sweeps is in February and May. So it's just SJG Week.