Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Harry Visits India

"Harry Jones was a mischievous eleven-year-old boy." Right out the gate, you know there's going to be conflict and plenty of it. In reviewing my early works, I can't help but notice a similar theme. Shall I elaborate? If you insist. Now then. In "A Different Kind of Friend," my first elementary school novel, Stacy Schwartz, a Jewish girl, talks her parents into buying her a horse. In "Harry Visits India," the afore-mentioned Harry, a vaguely non-Jewish boy, talks his parents into taking him to India. Hmm. I wonder if I was always trying to talk my parents into something, and constantly bumping up against a big fat resounding no?  I think I've hit on something here. I wanted a dog. I begged, I pleaded. I got a guinea pig, only because I brought it home. "This is my guinea pig.  I'm keeping him."  He... well, he turned out to be a she... was a rescue guinea pig. I forced him/her on my parents. Unlike Stacy or Harry, I never talked them into anything. I dropped subtle hints. I bombarded them with cute notes slipped under their bedroom door. I begged, I pleaded for my own phone. I argued that "all my friends have phones." It didn't help my case. Poor deprived SJG, Jr. I never had my own phone till my senior year of college when I lived in an apartment. Honestly, I don't know how survived.

But back to Harry. Once in India, he's so mischievous, he meets a boy named Krishna and spends the night at his new friend's humble shrine and forgets to tell his parents where he is. Bad Harry! Can you say Selfish with a capital S? His parents lose their minds and Harry's disappearance makes the front page of the New Delhi Times. But it all works out in a happy fictional way. He apologizes to his parents and they forgive him just like that. Can you say wish fulfillment? I would've been grounded for a year.

I'm happy to report that "About The Author" paints a more evolved picture of the SJG. Six months back, when I wrote "A Different Kind of Friend," I collected pennies and wanted to be an on-and-off interior decorator/housewife.  After sharing my birthday and other fascinating details, it's clear I've moved on from penny collecting. "Carol is eleven-and-a-half years old." Remember when "a half" was a big deal? "She enjoys all sports, especially horseback riding and swimming. Her favorite hobby is playing the guitar." I've now entered my Joni Mitchell phase, which will last a very long time. "This is Carol's second book and she hopes to continue writing." And there you have it.

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