Sunday, April 17, 2016

All Over The Passover Thing

Not everyone gets lucky in the mother-in-law lotto. But the SJG is blessed with a funny one, a nice person, an equally short (if not shorter) gal who generously handed me Passover a few years back, as in, "You do it." To which I said, "Okay?" Even though the seder, a loose term for what we do over here, takes place at Chez SJG, my M.I.L. still likes to tell me what I can and cannot do, Passover-wise. But I'm okay with that, too. No really. I am.
"I'll make the chop liver. You buy the macaroons."
"I'll make the chicken soup. You put it in the bowls."
"I'll make the gefilte. You buy the horseradish. Red and white."
"Don't buy the matzoh. I already got it on sale."
"Maybe get some nice honey cake."
"Listen, doll, I'm all over the Passover thing."
"Don't tell me you've already set the table."
"That's tomorrow."

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