Monday, April 18, 2016

SJG Passover Dress

Good for all body types!

The Short Jewish Gal has done it again! The Duchess of Sherman Oaks caused a big fuss in Gelson's this weekend as she strolled the aisles in her matzoh-themed dress, part of her just-launched SJG Holiday Outfits for the Rapidly Aging, Under 5'3" Gal. Word quickly spread from Shank Bones to Horseradish that the SJG's matzoh dress was available online and a mini-riot broke out in Get-Your-Gefilte. The unleavened gown sold out before the SJG even got back to her palatial estate. But don't let that plague you, nice people. The SJG plans to re-stock before your first seder. If you're smart, you'll place your orders today, so you can welcome Elijah with style.

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