Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Double Date

As speculation about their 36th wedding anniversary later this summer continues -- will the SJG still fit into her wedding dress for the televised recreation? -- the Globally-Renowned Blogger/Neurosis Expert and her hubby were spotted co-navigating a shopping cart during "date night." The lovebirds were snapped inside exclusive American Express-cardholders-only hot spot Gelson's, exploring a rumor that Humphrey Yogurt was relocating inside the market in time for the livestream of their wedding day reenactment. "We'd like our chuppah made out of chocolate vanilla swirl," the SJG told the store manager. "With extra sprinkles." "She's kidding," her longtime hubby interjected. "It'll melt." "It won't melt; it's frozen," she insisted. "You'll have to discuss that with the Humphrey's people when they open," the manager said. "When is that?" "Your guess is as good as mine." At which point the SJG's hubby, casually dressed in black pants, a tight black tank top and a leopard print jacket, steered the cart toward frozen foods, in search of a 12-pack of cheese blintzes. "Wait up," yelled the SJG, dressed in a vegan romper and gluten-free Jimmy Choos. "I've got a better idea. How about a Kale Chuppah? It'll make a nice ceremonial canopy and later, we'll repurpose it as a salad."

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