Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Travelin' Kansan

The updates started early this morning, along with the photo I will not post, for fear of retribution:
"Well, I've been up since 4 and spilled coffee on myself in the car."
My reply: "Oy vey. I can Shout it out for you."
A few minutes later, the next update, more alarming than the last:
"I can't get the top of my Smart Water bottle open."
My reply: "Oh, dear God! Ask a tall, dark and handsome stranger for help. This is an emergency."
Then, 30 minutes later, this:
"Just figured it out. Only took me a half hour. I'm on the aisle with the tiniest person in the middle seat. Ba-bye."
My reply: "Perfect. I knew you could do it. Safe travels!"

And so, she's on her way. Cathy Hamilton is officially flying in from Kansas for our big weekend of rehearsals and the staged reading of the show we wrote together -- "Brushes: A Comedy of Hairs." It's my turn to host her after she's hosted me more times than she probably wants to remember. To welcome her to sunny, hot, sweaty Sherman Oaks, I'm making her, what else, a blintz soufflé. But shush, don't tell her. It's a surprise.


  1. A blintz souffle?! I knew it! You're trying to convert her, aren't you!!!

  2. I'm trying. So far, so good. She's agreed to wear a yarmulke and a tallis to the reading.