Saturday, July 30, 2016

Unpretty In Pink

There was spilling and splattering and swearing. There was miscalculation and eye strain and major smudgery. There was contortion and physical pain and psychological damage. There was blame and remorse and back-pedaling. There was repetition of the following statement: "When will I ever learn?" There was the SJG on a Saturday morning, making idle threats. "I can do this. I can defy the odds. I can accomplish the unthinkable. There was an unhappy result, a flop, a failure. Throughout history, pundits have advised against it, they've said, "Don't go there, girlfriend," and "Walk away while you still can." Did I listen? No. For I'm the SJG. I'm short and I'm stubborn and I wanted what I couldn't have on short notice:  pretty pink toes.   did my own pedicure, people, and it was bad. I'm an unskilled laborer. I went outside the lines. I put polish in places polish shouldn't go. On the sides of my toes, on the bottoms of my toes, on my hands and under my nails. On the way out the door, I told hubby, "If I ever say I'm going to do my toes, talk me out of it." He glanced at my feet and said, "Done."

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