Thursday, September 15, 2016

Fit As A Fiddler On The Roof

Fit as a fiddler on the roof! So says the SJG's personal shrink, Dr. Misha Mishugenna, who declared the beloved kvetcher/kugeler in "reasonably good mental health, considering everything" and "capable of blogging till she officially runs out of ideas, which could be any minute now." Dr. Mishugenna reported her findings on her national talk show, "Better You Than Me." "The SJG has had recurrent issues that revolve around her penchant for oversensitivity and reading too much into everything. Her worry levels have been relatively stable since the youngest moved out. Her new philosophy, which I'm proud to say I suggested, is, 'What I don't know can't ruin a night's sleep.' " In recent weeks, the doctor said the SJG has endured several flare ups of self-doubt and continues to question her existence, "but that's standard operating procedure for the SJG and part of a typical pattern for only her entire life. It might be time to up her meds." Dr. Mishuggena concluded that the SJG's condition isn't contagious. "Trust me, you can't catch what she's got, and that's a good thing. She remains adorably neurotic and fit to serve as a blogger of astonishing renown."


  1. Until this election cycle ends there will be no lack of ideas to stimulate the blogger reflex.