Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Playdate With The SJG

Doggy Date 

Blake, a sweet Lab-Boxer, or if you prefer Boxador, dropped by yesterday for a playdate with the SJG and hubby. He's deciding whether to adopt us. We're all for it, we've filled out all the forms. Blake seems pretty taken with us, too, or maybe it's just our backyard. The playdate went so well that he agreed to a sleepover. He slept well, I'm happy to report, when he wasn't standing up in bed, turning around, licking my face, licking hubby's face, licking himself, getting up again, lying down, spreading across the mattress... you get the idea. He's very rested and spunky this morning. And that's really all that matters. 


  1. So, I noticed Mr. Innocent is none too happy with the interloper. But like Blake Shelton, I expect the new puppy will demand equal billing beside Dusty on your blog page. Perhaps a year or so from now?

  2. Yes, now that Dusty is in Doggy Heaven, I'll have to make room for Blake on the page. I'll do it, slowly, and let Dusty get used to the idea from Up Above. xo