Thursday, November 17, 2016

Ignorer In Chief

(Sherman Oaks) The international blogging sensation that is the Short Jewish Gal has just appointed herself Ignorer In Chief. "Let's face it, it's a highly coveted position," she told reporters gathered in her kitchen on account of the free coffee and bagels. "What, no lox?" kvetched Shlomo Gefiltavitz from Rather than answer Gelfitavitz, the SJG ignored him. "See what I did there?" she asked the other reporters. "I was hoping for rugelach," noted Larry Unleavened of

The SJG looked right past him. "This is me ignoring you, Mr. Unleavened, and you, and you, the one hoarding the Half and Half. Why am I ignoring you? I'll tell you why. Because I've decided to ignore all the annoying, head-scratching, scary if not terrifying stuff going on in the world. In this way, I hope to stay sane." "Why don't you just call yourself Denier In Chief?" asked Marvin Mogen David of The Daily Pipik Gazer. "Next question," the SJG said.


  1. Careful, there, SJG, every action has an equal and opposite reaction... must not marginalize your blog; it's daily dose is needed now more than ever.

  2. Thank you ! But I am internally recognized!