Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tonight's TV Highlights

My Mother's An Alien (Or Not)
The season finale opens with a dramatic flashback to 1958, when aliens kidnap a short Jewish baby in the parking lot of a Los Angeles hospital, raise her on Mars till they grow tired of her whining, and plop her down in Westwood at the age of seven to figure out her true ancestry. Is she Russian Jewish? Alien Jewish? Westwood Jewish? It's all revealed tonight in a very special episode. 9 p.m. SJG-TV

SJG's Master Class
A very silly blogger reveals her cooking, laundry, parenting and dog training secrets in the season premiere. 10 p.m. SJG-TV
Dance With Me
The SJG demonstrates her signature hora, her signature interpretive dance, her signature head roll, her signature booty shake, her signature jazz hands, her signature pirouette, and her signature naughty hip thrust. 2 a.m. SJG-TV

You Think You've Got Problems?
A recently lobotomized man, newly divorced from reality, and his troubled teenage mutant ninja tarantula, move next door to a short Jewish gal who slowly takes over their lives, whether they like it or not.

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