Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The She Shed On The Left

Coming Soon to SJG-Flix:"The She Shed On The Left." Shayna Maidela and Patty Von Punim, besties since pre-school, look forward to a mini-vacay at a remote Sherman Oaks She Shed, where they can craft assorted crap, bake teeny-tiny bundt cakes, prank-text ex-loser boyfriends and guzzle sun-brewed peach tea to their hearts' content -- until they realize, oy vey, there's no bathroom in this here She Shed! WTF! And don't even get them started on the sucky Wi-Fi! With no one to kvetch to but each other, they accept the absence of a luxury commode and take turns going wee-wee in the woods... unaware that an imbalanced, crazy core-blasting Pilates instructor named Carlotta Crisscross has invaded their nirvana! Carlotta holds them hostage and forces Shayna and Patty to plank till they nearly plotz. Thank God, Shayna manages to escape Carlotta's cruelty and make her way back to her beloved yoga hang, Namastay Home. Faster than you can say "Shavasana," Shayna recruits Hatha hotties Tali, Trisha and Toots to help take on Carlotta, strap her to her own reformer and free Patty Von Punim. Can you say happy ending? Not so fast. Look out for the crew of Taekwondo sh*t-kickers up ahead... 

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