Sunday, February 7, 2010

Hubby's Super Bowl Chili

How much?!

Super Bowl Sunday means different things to different people.  For some, it's a reason to live.  For others, it's a reason to leave the house.  Every year, hubby makes a big pot of turkey chili.  His parents come over.  They gather in the living room with the youngest son, and shortly thereafter, someone is yelling.  Someone else is swearing.  Someone is pacing.  Someone is dropping chips and guacamole on the floor.  The Short Jewish Gal makes a guest appearance, feigns interest in the game, tosses out a generic "Go, team!" and slips out to dance class.

When I return, nothing has changed. The game is still on, there's still yelling.  And there's still chili.  Lots of chili.  Today, I asked my hubby of many years to share his Famous Chili recipe.  He  generously agreed, as long as I didn't make him get too specific.  He is, after all, a Jewish cook, which means exact measurements don't apply.  You use "a little" and "a little bit more" and "a lot."  In other words, he pretty much makes it up as he goes along, but year after year, it's delish (if not a little too hot).  So here it is:

Hubby's Turkey Chili

2 lbs. ground turkey (not lean!)
1 1/2 red onions (chopped)
2 cans tomato puree
2 cans stewed tomatoes
Half pound, pinto beans (soak overnight)
Option: no-salt pinto beans (3 or 4 cans)
Chili powder (a lot)
Cumin (a little)
Paprika (a little)
Lemon pepper (a drop)
Salt (a pinch)
Secret ingredient: Beer (one bottle)

In a nice big pot, brown the turkey in oil.  Adds the onions.  Throw in the rest.  Bring it to a boil, then simmer on low for a long time.  How long?  Long enough.  Two hours.  Maybe longer.  Stir constantly.  Garnish with grated cheddar cheese.  Sourdough rolls for dunking.  Done.  Enjoy.

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