Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Dude to Beat

Song choice served the Eight "Idol" Dudes nicely last night.  Most of 'em brought it.  But every time I heard the song choice, before the performance, I went "uh-oh."  Tim singing "Hallelujah," the Tim Buckley version?  That had to suck, right?  It didn't suck.  In fact, it was, "Terrific," said Simon. Ellen got up and gave Tim a hug.  It scared the life out of him.  When Ryan told me (and others) that Andrew, who peaked so early with "Straight Up," was about to sing Christina Aguilera, I thought, "Oh, God, it better not be 'Genie in a Bottle.'"  Here my "uh-oh" was justified; his "Genie" rubbed me the wrong way, and the judges, too. "Where was the melody?" asked Kara.  Ellen thought the genie came out too late.  (Hate when that happens!) 

The news that Todrick would sing Queen made me visibly shudder.  But since no one else was there to witness it, you'll have to trust me.  "Oh, no!  Hope it's not 'Somebody to Love,'" I said.  And then what did Todrick sing?  "Somebody to Love."  The judges called it brave and good in parts and his best vocals so far.  Simon dusted off the "B" word, as in Broadway.  That's where Todrick belongs.  If so, nothing wrong with that.  Todrick in "The Wiz"?  I'd go see that.  Maybe.  Casey the Hotness did a rocked-up version of Keith Urban's "You'll Think of Me."  Randy called it "too safe."  Ellen thought it was great.  Kara said she was sorta kinda back on the Casey train.  But where was the spark?  Simon thought it was Casey's "second best performance."  In the words of the SJG, he's got a glorious voice, he's commerical, he's hotter than hot, so shut up and let him do his thing.  Aaron's tender, yet strained take on "I'm Already There" made me -- wait for it -- wish he hadn't gone there. As Ellen said, it was a tough song, not terrific.  Randy thought he'd picked his power zone:  a low-wattage zone, perhaps?  Kara, a hormonal mess, apparently, said the song lacked relevance in Aaron's life.  Well, excuse me!  Simon said that was rubbish!  It just wasn't a great vocal.  But I think America is going to keep Aaron around another week, for his story alone.

On we go to Mullet Boy Alex, who's got that James Morrison husky voice which I dig so much.  He got himself in "Trouble" but the good kind.  Randy was the only dissenter.  The rest said loosen up, you're good, you can sing, own it!  Ellen milked the banana analogy.  Enough, girlfriend.  Put the Chiquita away now.  There you go.  Don't bring it out again.  Simon told Alex to imagine Randy in a bikini next week.Worst Simon Line Ever.  Lee sang the current quasi-hit "Fireflies," a tricky tune, indeed. He gave it a growly rock vibe here and there, but it didn't quite soar.  Randy called it strange, but, "You worked it out."  Ellen used the "A" word again. Adorable.  Oh.  Ellen.

So fine, I've gone out of order on this cuz I'm such a non-conformist.  Plus I can't read my notes. There's that, too.  But I'm saving the best for last, and he really did go last.  Yes, Big Mike made me "oh-uh" more than once, when I learned he was tackling Kate Bush's "This Woman's Work," as sung by Maxwell.  If a more gorgeous, heart-wrenching song exists, I ask you to sing it to me.  Mike's rendition darn-near matched it.  Dude's full of surprises. He can make babies.  He can make hit songs in the future.  "Hot," said Randy.  "So beautiful," said Ellen.  "Sob," sobbed Kara, in the role of Paula.  "Sob, sob, sob."  What's happening to Kara? Two words: Stop that.  Simon heaped praise on Big Mike, so sincerely, it worried me: "It was needed."  SJG found it OMG.

Here are my damn predictions. Who's gonna go tonight:  Girl-wise:  Katie and Paige.  Boy-wise:  Todrick and Alex (hope not).  Ba-bye? We shall see! 

Update: Just checked with my East Coast bro.'  I got two of these predictions right. 

Sing it, Mike!


  1. I am seriously worried about Crystal. She doesn't look well.

  2. She seemed so sad last night, doncha think?! I'm sorry the wrong gals went home though.