Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Like A Rolling Stone, Kinda

When it comes to style, I'm not the flashiest chick on the block, although my neighbor Candy does call me Glitter Gal.  Actually, it's the nickname I gave myself, after a mishap at the makeup counter.  I made an unwise purchase of blush, unaware of its sparkle component, that still haunts me to this day.  But I prefer to fly under the radar, for the most part, unless I'm on the dance floor and "All The Single Ladies" starts to spin.  Generally speaking, I'm low-key and glitter-free.  Last season, I bunked in the Kris Allen "A.I." camp.  I felt nice and cozy in that cabin, with Kris' clear, stirring vocals and sweet guitar work.  Sure, I appreciated Adam Lambert's campy, way-over-the-toppery, but I clapped with detachment.  I got it, but it didn't get me.

Now that we've arrived at the Top 12, and lost some outstanding performers (Lilly & Alex), I lean once again toward the authentic and natural singers.  I fully comprendo why Siobhan killed with "Paint It Black," but her Prom Queen/Army Boot look distracted me.  It felt way edgy.  Let's hope she doesn't start to take herself too seriously, and that her finely-honed ARTISTRY doesn't come back to bite her in the butt. 

That said, the top 12 picked well from the Rolling Stones songbook, with the exception of Tim Urban.  His reggae version of "Under My Thumb" was dismissed as too laid-back, bizarre and downright crazy.  In the words of hubby:  "Not a good choice."  Big Mike kicked things off nicely with a soulful "Miss You."  Randy said, "You slayed it."  Simon found it a bit desperate.  I found it fun.  It showed his impressive range. Didi gave an intense vocal on "Play With Fire."  "Solid, not brilliant," said Mr. Cowell.  I agreed with Randy:  "Dude, you're on fire."  Just once, I'd like Randy to genderize.  How about you call the dudes dawgs, and call the gals dudettes? 

The judges liked Katie's "Wild Horses."  The SJG liked it not.  Lee's "Beast of Burden" was so close to great, a tasty blend of Rob Thomas, Counting Crows and Dave Matthews.  But he's got to get over his nerves.  Terrified isn't a good look on anyone.  Lacey's "Ruby Tuesday" got a 50-50 judges' read.  Too calculated and actressy for Simon; too sleepy for Ellen.  Randy was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it, but think she might be in trouble.  I actually enjoyed Andrew's "Gimme Shelter," as did Ellen:  "Best yet!"  But the other judges didn't feel it.  Paige showed some star quality and sass on "Honky Tonk Woman," and Aaron chose wisely.  His tender, country-tinged "Angie" was "absolutely, 100 percent the right song," according to Simon.  It won Aaron another week on Idol, fo' shizzle.

The covetted SJG "Best o' the Night" went to Crystal yet again.  Who says "You Can't Always Get What You Want"?  She's so outstanding, so pure and ready to record right now, that the judges (except Randy) felt they had to tone down the praise.  Simon basically told her not to believe all the hype -- most of it generated by him on "Leno."  He'd already predicted she's got it in the proverbial bag.  Ellen wanted her to be more playful.  Did anyone ever tell that to Janis Joplin?  Or Melissa Etheridge?  Lordy, no!  Crystal doesn't need to loosen up.  She's the real deal.  Mamasox rocks again!

And coming in a close second, Casey, who was back on track with a bluesy, very rockin' "It's All Over Now." No surprise, the boy does it for me. One word: woof!

The Hotness, uh-huh


  1. A cutie. Maybe I'll tune in to "Idol" for him and the sweet, sexy vocals of Ms. Bowersox.

  2. You should, Vicki, you might be surprised.