Monday, September 15, 2014

Season Finale!

Tonight on the season finale of "The Shvitzer," a case of free-floating agitation results when a short Jewish gal signs herself out of the Sherman Oaks Kvetch Ward in search of a working air conditioner. Now Shanda and the Priority Pickers, a successful klezmer group that dabbles in detective work, must find the short Jewish gal, last seen wandering the frozen foods aisle at Gelson's, and convince her the heat wave will end before the High Holidays hit in a week.

As Shanda sorts through the complicated details surrounding the short Jewish gal's hormonal imbalance and iffy internal temperature gage, out of whack since her mid-40s, she discovers that a member of her own klezmer group may have tampered with her prized accordion. But Shanda may have bigger problems when she suddenly faints from heat exhaustion and must be resuscitated by an extraordinarily hot paramedic, who turns out to be Herschel, her third cousin twice removed. So much for love at first sight.

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