Monday, June 20, 2016

Father's Day Reflections

Nice hot people

"It's freakin' hot."
"Who made this superior blintz soufflé?"
"Hottest Father's Day Ever."
"Isn't the garden lovely?"
"Yes, John."
"Best Blintz Soufflé Ever."
"Amy's Apple Fritters trump your blintz soufflé."
"How dare you."
"How dare you mention you know who."
"You know who."
"It was completely intentional."
"How about that gazebo?"
"Best Gazebo Ever."
"If I perish in the heat, it was pretty nice knowing you, more or less."
"Except for that time you bit my elbow."
"I never bit your elbow."
"Oh, yes you did. You were a baby. You were crawling. You saw my elbow, and you went in for a nibble. Please, don't make me relive it."
"Your elbow needed some kosher salt, as I recall."
"It's freakin' hot."
"Let's go inside."
"You go inside. I'll stay outside and suffer."
"You're so good at that."
"It's a gift."

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