Monday, June 26, 2017

Parental Jubilation

At the tender age of 10, I discovered the real reason my parents couldn't wait to put me and my brother John on the bus to Camp Akela in Big Bear. Not for the fresh air. Not for the bonding, the bunk beds, the bug repellent. The real reason? They couldn't wait to get rid of us.
One summer, they were so elated by our absence, they threw a party to celebrate! Here's what it said on the invitation. Two words: "THEY'RE GONE!" Oh, the inhumanity! Not to mention, the years of therapy that followed. Did my parents throw a party when we returned from our month away in Big Bear? Did they hang signs that said, "Welcome Back, Kids! We Missed You!"? No, they didn't. No parties, no signs, no hoopla. They were too busy thinking about next summer. "Hey, guys, you had such a great time at camp, maybe next year, you'll stay two months."
And guess what? We did.

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