Friday, August 4, 2017

Did Anyone Ever Tell You...

..."You look like Alice Ghostley?" -- Marty in the Men's Department at Bloomingdales.
"Uh, no."  -- Me, too stunned by the comparison to say much.
"You know Alice Ghostley?  From 'Bewitched'?"  -- Marty, a little worried by my reaction.
"Uh huh." -- Me, picturing the klutzy, bumbling witch-nanny Esmeralda.  
"You're like a younger, prettier Alice Ghostley." -- Marty, starting to back-peddle just a bit.
"Um, thanks?" -- Me, shrugging, still confused.
"So, no one's ever told you you look like Alice Ghostley?" -- Marty, already in possession of my credit card, going for broke.
"No.  You're definitely the first."  -- Me, laughing now, figuring the comparison could've been worse.
"You don't look anything like the SJG, Esmeralda."  
"The SJ-Who?"

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