Friday, August 11, 2017

My Inner Child's List of Demands

Today, the SJG received the following text from my inner child with her latest list of demands: "An ice cream sundae from Wil Wright's..."
"A Barbie clothes-shopping spree...."
"Mini-Betty Crocker Mixes for my Easy-Bake-Oven..."
"And a pink princess telephone. I promise to be a good girl and never pout about anything ever again.  xo Lil SJG."
I texted back: "Hey, Lil You. I'd like to remind you that Wil Wright's closed a long time ago, so forget the sundae. I gave away our Barbie doll collection. My biggest regret in life. Barbie-wise, we have no one to shop for. As for the Easy-Bake mini-mixes, did you forget that anything baked in that mini-oven never tasted very good? About that pink princess phone... your nostalgia seems misplaced. Our parents never let us have our own phone, pink or black, even though all the other girls had phones. Our childhood was phone-deprived. xo More-Or-Less Adult SJG"
A moment ago, I received another text from my inner child. "You're no fun. I'm going off to pout in the corner. xo Lil SJG."
What about my needs?

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