Friday, August 4, 2017

Glad We Cleared That Up

This morning, I get an email from my cousin Andy, who's on safari in Africa with his family. All it says in the subject line is: "WHAT?!!!!!!" No content, no explanation. So I write back, "What do you mean WHAT?!!!" He writes back (from Africa!), "The eldest's FB post." So I check Facebook and see what the soon-to-be-married person posted last night. 


"Baby. B-a-b-y. Baby."  

My cousin has commented, "Wow! Congrats!!!!"

Our close family friend Dan has commented, "OMG! Mazel tov!!!!!" 

There are surprised comments in French from his fiancee's friends. General confusion is the theme. 

But please, let's take a pregnant pause here. Of course, I know my sons went to see "Baby Driver" last night and that's what he's talking about. So I've spent the last 20 minutes clearing up the fake news and text-shaming the eldest for sending the family into conniptions of joy, followed by a painful letdown. Not that I'm not ready to be a Bubbie. Oh, dear God. Bring it. But first, let me do Mother-In-Law. 

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