Saturday, August 5, 2017

Strike A Pose

The Regal, not to mention, Royal Rescue Pup
(of questionable lineage) 

There are times in a pet owner's life that are, shall we say, humbling. Times that put you in your place. Times that tell you, "Hey, get over yourself. Stop hogging all the attention." But you know how much the SJG loves attention. It's what I live for, it's why I was put here on earth. I mean, why else would I make sure my social media mavens leak my daily whereabouts? As in, "Psssst... the SJG's en route to Gelson's!"  "Psssst... the SJG's en route to the deli to pick up bagels and some nice lox." 
"All the attention! It's so overwhelming!" - SJG 

But it does get exhausting, this business of always being on, always looking stunning every time I leave the house, always confirming I have nothing in my teeth before I flash my pearly whites. Remember the infamous SJG Spinach Shanda of 2002? To stay grounded, now and then, I must fade into the background. Take yesterday, for instance. Late afternoon. I'm walking the pup when a workman exits a house. I like to be friendly with the people, so I issue a proper Sherman Oaks hello. He looks right at Sir Blakey. "Hello, beautiful." A brief encounter. A reminder that sometimes you just have to step aside and let others soak up the glory. 

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