Friday, February 5, 2016

The Labrador Goes With Everything

Dog as decor 

The SJG is somewhat of a design expert, doncha know. Well, it's true. You don't dwell in a palatial, not to mention, sprawling Sherman Oaks estate, without picking up some valuable tips along the way. So here's one I'm most excited to share: Make sure your dog matches the decor. You heard me. Pick a dog with a workable color scheme and you'll never have to worry about your pet clashing with the furniture. Take Dusty, for example. The Eccentric Elderly Pup is a lovely shade of honey. See how his golden hues complement the rug and the bamboo floor, the coffee table and sofa? That wasn't an accident, people. It's by design. Dusty goes with everything. His flaxen fur ties all the tones of the house together ever-so-nicely, achieving a luxurious neutral look, and adding extra depth and dimension, as he lumbers from room to room, arthritically. And now that's he's a vintage dog -- 96 in human years, but who's counting -- the SJG mansion is right on trend, mixing old and new, formal and casual, and just un petit peu de dander, to produce an inviting and comfortable space, worthy of a spread in Bark Magazine.

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