Friday, November 11, 2016

To Catch A Squirrel

Here only two weeks, the newest addition to the SJG mishpocha has already found important work as a Professional Squirrel Chaser. We are so proud of our Blakey. His techniques are top secret, of course. God forbid the wrong people get a hold of his dossier. But from what I can gather, his strategy involves staring out the window and making yelping sounds until I set him free in the backyard, or what's left of it, to terrorize his speedy tormentors.

All he wants is to catch a squirrel, any squirrel, and fulfill his destiny. Is that too much to ask? The Spunky One doesn't think so. He shows the kind of determination I long to approximate. Right about now, I lack the dedication and commitment to chase anything. But maybe, if I keep studying Blakey's sophisticated moves, I'll learn how to chase a dream and catch it before it scampers up a tree, only to taunt me from the highest branch.  

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