Saturday, November 26, 2016

Turkey As Metaphor

At this point in the Thanksgiving weekend, when leftover turkey sits in the fridge, next to the cranberry sauce and the gravy and the stuffing, not to mention Grandma Char's chopped liver, let's take a minute to reflect on all the other meanings of turkey, shall we, and how they pertain to the semi-adventurous life of the SJG.
Turkey: a jerk, a fool, a failure, a flop, a dud.
Cold Turkey: instantly quitting something that's not good for you.

Fine, those are the only two definitions that pertain to me. The one about bowling a turkey - three strikes in a row - is so irrelevant I won't even mention it. Why are the other two definitions relevant? Because the washing machine that gave me such tsuris only days ago  has continued to cause suffering with the spin cycle. Therefore, the question of the day is this: Is the washing machine, the six-year-old Maytag with the expired warrantee, a turkey we must quit cold? The actual repairman who repairs stuff for a living arrives soon. I will keep you in suspense.

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