Sunday, July 23, 2017

Everyone Should Look This Good...

... face planting.

At the ArcLight Sherman Oaks with the youngest and hubby, waiting for "Dunkirk" to start, there was a little pre-war drama, when a nice lady went boom. Don't worry, she made it to her seat in one piece. And yet, the haunting image stays with me, a lot more than the movie. At breakfast this morning, I felt compelled to relive the trauma:
"It's never good when someone face plants right in front of you."
"You didn't cause it, Ma."
"I know, but I can't stop thinking about it."
"She tripped, Ma."
"I feel terrible for her."
"She lost a lot of good popcorn," hubby says.
"She was okay, Ma. Remember that. She got up."
"Listen, physically, she's okay, except for a few bruises. But maritally, I'm not so sure."
"Didn't you hear what her husband said?"
"What he'd say?"
"Way to make an entrance."
"He didn't say that. She said that," hubby says.
"I know, but it sounds better the other way."

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