Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Great Shower Cap Debate

As we gathered in Temecula for the rehearsal dinner, where I was called upon to rehearse nothing, thank God, there was still one thing very much on my keppy, an issue of such import that I had to discuss it immediately with Kyle, Val and their daughters. Yes, I admit, it was a girly issue. But it was something I needed resolved.
"Did your room have a shower cap?" I asked, in my most plaintiff tone. "I looked everywhere and there was no shower cap anywhere."
"I bring my own shower caps when I travel," Val said.
"You're so smart! I would never think of that."
"Why do you need a shower cap?" Kyle asked.
"So my hair doesn't get wet," I said.
"I wash my hair every night. I don't need a shower cap," Kyle said.
At this point, her daughter Meryl weighed in. "Mom, you shouldn't wash your hair every day."
"Why not?"
"It dries it out."
"No one looks good in a shower cap," Val's daughter Lauren said.
"But I need one. I need one badly."
"You can have one of my mine," Val said. A true friend.
"Really? You'd give me one of your shower caps? Do you know how much that means to me?"
"A lot?"
"So much, I could cry."
I think I saw Kyle rolling her eyes. I'm not sure. A gal who never wears a shower cap just can't relate to this dilemma. Meanwhile, my true friend Val had a plan involving texting her the minute I got back to the room and we could do a shower cap exchange. She'd give me a shower cap, I'd give her a big hug and thank you. True friendship in action.
"First I'll check with the front desk and see if they can help me out."
"We'll be praying for you," Kyle said.
"Sarcasm?" I said. "At a time like this? Only someone with such magnificent hair would be so cruel. I need a drink!"
"Come back!" Kyle pleaded.
I turned on my heels. "I'll see you bitches later."

If only she'd had a shower cap.

Fast forward a few hours to the front desk at the hotel. "Hi," said the front desk gal. "Can I help you?"
"Do you have a shower cap?"
"Not on me."
"I need a shower cap!"
Here hubby offered his commentary. "She really does."
"I'll get housekeeping to bring you one."
"When?" I asked, fighting hysteria.
"Uh... in a few minutes?"
"Thank you. Thank you so much."
"You're welcome?"

Who says no one looks good in a shower cap?

As promised, the shower cap arrived in a cute little box. I put it on and did a happy dance into the shower. It's the simple things in life that make me happy. But here my story takes a sad turn. The next day, the crappy plastic shower cap was gone. Gone, I tell ya! Tossed into the void. I turned to hubby. "What do I do now? What will become of my hair?"
"Don't worry, my love, I'll go get you one."
What a guy! And sure enough he did. He got me two, just in case tragedy befell the first one. And so ends my shower cap story. Maybe you have one of your own? Spill it!

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