Saturday, July 1, 2017

You Had Me At Oink

Isn't she cute?

The raves for "Okja," as opposed to "Okra," a la spellcheck, keep pouring in. "You've got to watch 'Okja!' " the eldest commanded. "You'll love it!" And, as has been proven historically, we do whatever our children tell us to do. In this way, we all stay very happy. Most of the time!

Corporate baddy!

So fine, we watched it on Netflix last night. Such a deal, nice people. It's playing in your multiplexes. But why bother when you can stay home and nudge hubby the whole time. "Are you still awake? Don't fall asleep! Do you like it? Hello?" I know, I know, you're waiting for my glowing review. But the SJG must warn you, "Okja" is a so-so experience. Sorry, I speak the truth, my truth, which, in this insane world, should stand for something.

Wacky animal scientist guy!

"Okja" is a semi-enchanting bait-and-switch (it's intentional), cozy and warm in a CGI way, then suddenly dark, then oh-no we're in a slaughterhouse, kind of uber hip, pop culture entertainment. An adorable girl and her giant pet super pig? I'm in. You had me at oink. They frolic (in the case of the girl) and thud (pig-wise) through the spectacular forest, leaping rock to rock, splashing in the water, bonding as only a girl and her giant piggy can. Spoiler alert: Oy vey, is it a trick! They want you to fall in love with Okja the pig just to take you down into the depths of sadness, "Old Yeller" style. It's part fairytale, part chase, part corporate horror story, part head-scratcher. And did I mention the slaughterhouse? But don't worry, there's a happy ending.

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