Saturday, July 22, 2017

Little Projects

Hubby and the SJG, there's a word for us. Homebodies. But what's wrong with that? The truth is, at home, we're very productive. At least hubby is. He's the busiest homebody I know. I mainly sit on the sofa and cheer him on. "Go, you!" Hubby is always doing something at home, always fixing something or trimming something. He's either up on the roof, scaring me, or down on the ground, pulling up weeds, or changing sprinkler heads or on the driveway, washing a car. This is how he relaxes. Right now, at this very minute, he's taking apart the patio furniture. I would bet a zillion dollars that your significant person isn't taking apart your patio furniture. But mine is, and he's enjoying himself. I go outside and notice that the glass center of the table sits on the grass. "Honey," I ask, sweetly, "what the eff are you doing?" "Making the furniture look new." "Why's the glass center on the ground?" "Don't worry, I'll put it back." "When?" "Soon."
Just between us, making old patio furniture, weather-beaten and pooped on by countless birds, look new sounds impossible. But I don't say that. I humor him. "It really does look new." "Look at that shine," he says, proudly.  Hubby's all about the shine. "Wowza," I say, "I can see myself!" "This sh*t really works. God only knows what's in it." God, if you're listening, I don't want to know what's in "Wipe New." Honestly, I can live the rest of my life, not knowing. Which leads me to this: When hubby talks about retiring, I get a little panicky, on account of his favorite motto: "Little projects. You can never have enough of them." And though I might argue with that logic, in many ways, he's got a point. We've been each other's little project for 37 years now, putting each other back together, trying to maintain our shiny exterior. Sure, I may poke fun at him (and vice versa), but all in all, not a bad motto to take you through this crazy thing called life.

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