Saturday, December 29, 2012

Admit One

Last night, I open my Kindle, and out falls a ticket from some other dimension:  Admit One.  Admit One where? Into the world of the wonderful book I'm reading: "Beautiful Ruins"?  Admit One into a world of less stress and worry?  Yes, please.  The SJG would like to go there, immediately.  As usual, I may be reading too much into this odd discovery.  And yet, as 2012 winds down, I can't help but wonder where this ticket might have landed me had I come upon it sooner.  Admit One into a happy land of make-believe, where long-gestating manuscripts and TV projects finally sell?  Admit One into a land of magical chalk boards, where you can erase dumb arguments, hurts, and illnesses of treasured friends?  Chances are, Admit One is just a lone ticket from an old Purim carnival or school concert, something that's been floating around my night table for years, slipping in and out of books at random intervals, for no particular reason.  Other than to remind me of all the places I still need to go, both imaginary and real.


  1. I love that book so much! Yes, you need to get out of the Valley more often. LET'S GO!

  2. I like the range of possbile meanings in this "bucket list" kind of invitation or pass - Admit one...
    unexpected thought
    more person into your life


  3. Admit one to the world of the short story, sister.

  4. Thank you, my sweet friends, for your ongoing support. Admit More Than One!