Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Royally Preggers

So, the royal Kate, the Duchess herself, is preggers (mazel tov) and puking up a storm (oy).  Poor girl.  My stomach goes out to her.  The mere mention of morning sickness makes the SJG queasy.  Of course, I'm over-empathizing with the situation.  When I was carrying the royal eldest, I set some sort of record: nine months of morning sickness.  Why they call it morning sickness, I'll never know.  It's more like 24/7 sickness.  For nine months, I upchucked daily.  It made leaving the house difficult.  Add heartburn to the scenario.  On the day the boychick was due, I stood in the bathroom doorway and informed hubby, "I've had just about enough of this."  Two days later, after a long, agonizing labor, during which I laughed hysterically at one point for no reason at all, out came a tiny, gooey screamer.  Ba-bye more morning sickness.  And then, four years later, I was preggers again.  But this time, I only endured five months of pukiness, followed by heartburn.  The SJG certainly knows how to milk things. So, the royal Kate, the Duchess, take care.  And know that: This Too Shall Pass.  When?  Good question.  Best answer:  At some point.  God willing, soon.  


  1. Thanks for sharing; I'm pretty sure the Duchess' spirits will be much improved after being read your post as some loyal servent holds her locks back from the bowl...