Saturday, March 26, 2016

Goodnight, Earl

Earl Hamner, Jr. (1923-2016)

Back in the '90s, a decade some of you may or may not remember, thanks to childbirth and extreme sleep deprivation, the SJG had the pleasure of working with Earl Hamner, Jr. on a Family Channel series that never got made. So what else is new? It was a brief but lovely professional encounter. What could be more fun than sitting across the table from the Virginia gentleman who created "The Waltons"? I'm sure a few things might be cooler to you, but then, how reliable are you if you don't remember the '90s? My point, exactly.

Here's how our introduction went:
Me: "You're looking at the woman who wrote 'Spring Fling!' "
(cheesy spring break '90s TV movie)
Earl Hamner Jr: "You're looking at the man who wrote 'Palm Springs Weekend.' "
(cheesy spring break '60s movie)

A moment I'll always treasure. Goodnight, Earl. Get some sleep.

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