Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hang Ups

Oy, Mommy Dearest! Faye-as-Joan Crawford knew what she was talking about. Wire hangers are evil. Wire hangers give you this: 

Hanger Bumps. Or if you prefer, Hanger Humps. Or, my personal go-to, Shoulder Nips. Call them what you will. They are the bane of the SJG's fragile existence. 

I already know sweaters should be folded, not hung. I'm doing my best. I really am. But what about the daily shlepwear? Who has time to fold all of that? Who has the space? Is there a sensible way to deal with this unsightly garment abuse?

I ask you: WWMD? What would Martha do? Dangle a scented sachet from a non-wire hanger and be done with it? God no. Martha always has a plan. Martha believes wooden hangers are the answer. But just between us, I've gotten shoulder nips and humps and bumps from those, too. Haven't you?

Of course, you have! Martha can't always be right. So here's what I plan to do:

Recite the SJG Prayer:
Today I will kvetch about the things I could change,
if only I had the energy. 

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