Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nice People Only

In a world that isn't always so nice, I've decided to carry this sign with me wherever I roam. I'm pretty sure that this sign will protect me from the not-so-nice. I'm pretty sure this sign will send the following message to the universe: "Be nice, people. Nice is better than mean. You want to go through life being a prick, or a mensch? Be a mensch. I'm sure you've got some menschiness tucked in there somewhere. So dig it out and get going with the nice thing. But if you can't be nice, if you really don't have it in you, then do your best to fake it. Fake nice is better than no nice at all."


  1. Car ma is very different than Karma... me vs us... did you ever notice that mean is me + an? There must be a reason that mean does not end with d to become me and ...

  2. I never noticed that. I was nice of you to point it out. (See what I did there?)