Friday, March 11, 2016

Steppin' Out

"My sister Sheila's seeing a life coach."
"Mazel tov. How long have they been dating?"
"They're not dating."
"They're not?"
"No. He's coaching her."
"On what?"
"What's he telling her to do?"
"Step out."
"Step out? Like Fred Astaire?"
"No. Not like Fred."
"Like Ginger?"
"No. There's no dancing involved."
"Oh. Then I'm lost."
"Let me clarify. The other day, we're going to lunch and we can't agree on where. I'm driving up and down Ventura Boulevard, wasting gas. I want deli. Sheila wants sushi. It turns into an argument. Deli. Sushi. Deli. Sushi. And then she says, 'I'm stepping out of the conversation.' I look at her. 'You can't step out of the conversation. We haven't decided where to eat.' 'My life coach says any time I want to step out of the conversation, I can. I'm stepping out of the conversation.' So I say, 'You want to step out? Be my guest.' "
"Then what?"
"I slowed down long enough for her to get out."
Steppin' out.

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