Sunday, September 18, 2016

Best Emmy Look

Pre-Emmys, 1990.  Nice shoulder pads
Thanks to hubby and his various network jobs, we've attended the Emmys more times than he'd like to remember. I loved every second. He felt otherwise. I couldn't wait to get there. He couldn't wait to get home. Give me glam. Give me celebs in sparkly gowns and loaner jewels. Give me a dance floor, an after-party, a glass of champagne. Hubby could've done without the pomp, the parking situation, the heat. Give him football. Give him basketball. Give him a team of manly men running back and forth and smashing into each other till they bleed. My first outing to the Shrine, the eldest was an only. It was 1990. I wore my mother's black dress, her earrings, her pearls. I was a thirty-something, clocking in as a stylish sixty-something. Who cared? I was going to the Emmys. Another year, I borrowed my mom's black silk pants suit. My whole life, I borrowed her gorgeous clothes. "Let's go shopping in my closet," she'd say, and I'd step inside a magical place.  It was so chic in there, so beautifully-tailored. I loved to visit, but I never stayed long. Always been a casual SJG. T-shirts and jeans. Except when it's dress-up time. I'd give anything to get back into that closet, with Mom at my side, saying, "You'd look great in that," and "Try this one on." But I emptied it in 1999. Gave a lot away, kept a lot for myself. Some of her outfits still hang in my closet today. I used to wear them, but I don't anymore. A gal can only pull off that shoulder pad look for so long.


  1. Ah SJG, find a good tailor/seamstress and make-over some of your favourites.

  2. Brighton Gal at your service Ma'am!