Sunday, September 4, 2016

Skip It

(Sherman Oaks) American blogger/long-distance kvetcher the Short Jewish Gal is only a few blocks from completing her arduous journey down Ventura Boulevard, hoping to become the first person to skip like Bugs Bunny from Sherman Oaks to Studio City without stopping for a latte, a smoothie, a pedicure, a cute top, a haircut or a quick nosh. The SJG has attempted her happy dance from Van Nuys Boulevard to Laurel Canyon during 15 previous Labor Day weekends, but never made it past Art's Deli. "The smell of a fresh onion bagel was too hard to resist. This time, I'm leaving the cash at home, and the only credit card on my personage will have expired two weeks ago," she said, right before beginning her anti-shop-a-thon. "Not everyone has the intestinal fortitude to pass Lululemon, Banana Republic or M. Fredric, especially on Labor Day weekend, when everything is on sale. I'm going to have to dig down deep and find some self-control. I could really use a new workout bra."

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