Monday, September 12, 2016

The TV Movie Version

Sometimes, the SJG just can't help it. I see the TV movie version of the world. I rewrite events to fit the TV movie formula embedded in my brain. I rewrite real events to find a happy, tidy, hopeful ending. In my TV movie version of life, something interesting happens before every commercial break. In real life, this is not the case.  Nothing happens and then I go to sleep and start all over again.  But in the TV movie version, a mysterious hunk shows up at my door in the first 15 minutes, and turns my mundane existence upside down. "Can I use your phone?" he asks. The SJG knows better than to let a perfect stranger in, even if he's a major hottie. But this time, I have a lapse in judgment. I'm human. By the hour break, I'm a women in jeopardy, framed for something I didn't do, and in serious danger! Did the mysterious hunk set me up? Or will he rescue me from certain doom? Better yet, will I rescue myself? You'll just have to keep watching to find out, won't you?

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