Thursday, February 2, 2017

Happy Ground Dawg Day

Wreck-Your-Lawny Will spots his next victim

There will be six more months of barking, woofing, yapping and yelping, according to Sherman Oaks' most notorious squirrel. Every February 2, the punitive pack rack known as Wreck-Your-Lawny Will emerges from his branch in the beleaguered backyard of the Short Jewish Gal and looks to the ground for his next target -- marking the annual celebration of Ground Dawg Day. If Wreck-Your-Lawny Will sees a crazed dog howling up at him from the ground, it can only mean one thing. Well into late summer, and most likely, fall, winter and spring, a certain prey-driven canine of questionable lineage will bark at eardrum busting levels as he frantically chases back and forth, crashes into fences, kicks up dirt and mangles the few remaining blades of grass in a fruitless effort to catch Wreck-Your-Lawny Will and, by some miracle, end his existence on earth. Good luck with that, Sir Blakey. We're all rooting for you.

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