Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunset, Sunrise

photo by E. Schotz

As the sun sets on a long and lovely weekend of unbridled caloric intake and celebration, the SJG reflects from the balcony of dear friends who get to live at the beach, year-round. On what level is that fair, that they get to look out at a poetic expanse of water, while the SJG gets to look out at a pathetic expanse of mud? Fair? Who said anything about fair? It all comes down to how you look at the world. No matter your view, ocean or mud, I have it on good authority that the sun will come out tomorrow -- hey, good title for a song! -- and then it will set, and then... oh, you see where this is going. You saw it coming a few sentences back. A "Fiddler" moment. Sunset. Sunrise. Or if you prefer, sunrise, sunset. It's true what they say. Swiftly flow the days. Important to remember that. This thing called life. Isn't it great sometimes? 

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