Friday, February 3, 2017

He Thinks Of Everything

"I have the day off today."
"Yay! Any ideas?"
"I did have one."
"Just one?"
"It involves you."
"Well, you've got my attention."
"I was wondering..."
"If maybe..."
"Go on!"
"You might be interested..."
"When am I not?"
"In giving up your..."
"I did that already, honey, a loooong time ago."
"Not that."
"Oh. Then what? What would you like me to give up? My heart? It's yours, my love. All yours."
"Thank you. But I was thinking more along the lines of..."
"Don''t be shy. Just say it!"
"Your car."
"My car?"
"I need it for an hour."
"Are you trading it in for that pink Jag I've had my eye on?"
"Uh, no."
"The bright red Maserati of my dreams?"
"Not exactly."
"Then what do you need my car for?
"A smog check."
"Come again?"
"Your car needs a smog check."
"Does it now?"
"And you want to do that for me?"
"You really think of everything."
"I try."
"I can only imagine what you have in mind for Valentine's Day."
"Maybe I'll get your tires rotated."
"Be still my heart." 


  1. LOVE this snappy Howard Hawks-style dialogue! (And, of course, the swoon-inducing romanticism of it all.)

  2. Thank you Larry! That's just how we roll over here at the SJG Estate xo