Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Hold It Right There

From the network that brought you "SJG: FIRED!", "SJG: HIRED!" and "SJG: TIRED!" comes "SJG: WIRED!", an exciting new edition to the highly-rated franchise that explores the ups, downs  and in-betweens of the Short Jewish Gal's humble existence.

In "SJG: FIRED!" we watched riveting recreations of the two times, oops, make that three times, the SJG got fired, once for looking too young to work a cash register, once for talking to friends who came into the UCLA Student Store, and once for asking an a-hole producer not to smoke a cigar in a closed door meeting. Oh, the drama. Oh, the tears.

In "SJG: HIRED!" we watched the SJG redeem her shaky employment record by actually getting hired and keeping her job at a newspaper, but not just any newspaper, a bankrupt newspaper. Let's face it, the SJG has always lived on the edge. We'll never forget the time she shuddered in fear as the publisher ran down the hall to escape the marshals who'd come to shut down the operation. Talk about scary. And character building!

In "SJG: TIRED!" we watched the Short Jewish Gal's young mother phase, when she didn't sleep for about 10 years. We empathized when she dozed off during a big meeting, baffling the TV executives. "Should we wake her up?" "No, let her sleep." We rooted for her when she napped in the car waiting to pick the sons up from school. We prayed that one day, the dark circles under her eyes would vanish. But they never did.

And now, just in time for February sweeps, comes "SJG: WIRED!", following the SJG as she switches careers -- if you can call what she's been doing for the past 30 years a career -- and goes undercover in a super glamorous way, tracking bad hombres and dudes through the back streets of Sherman Oaks, with the help of her colorful sidekick Molly, a crochet needle-toting, four-time Stitch n' Bitch gold medalist. Sundays at 8 on SJG-TV.


  1. Move over Mrs Polifax.
    You could go on to be the Night Managerette. Ohhh Tom Huddleston in the 'hood. Yum

  2. Oh honey, Tom Huddleston! Guest star! Yes! Woof!!!!! This is going to be a thing!!!!