Thursday, February 16, 2017

I Need More Memory

Dear SJG,
Oy gevalt, it's panic time. Why? We'll tell you why. Because your iBrain storage is almost full! You're running out of storage space in that place where you do your overthinking. You want to hang on to all the stuff that makes you you? You want to keep all that movie trivia, Hollywood gossip and useless knowledge safe and virus-free? Then you better hurry up, sister, and upgrade your iBrain memory for just $0.99 a month. Unless you're too cheap to spend less than a buck to back up all that mishegas you keep recycling. In which case, you best start deleting the data you haven't used  in years  -- piano lessons, guitar lessons, five quarters of college French, pretty much everything you learned in college -- before you officially run out of memory and then where does that leave you? Empty inside.
Eagerly awaiting your credit card,
The iBrain Team

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