Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fashionable Bubble Wear

(Sherman Oaks) SJG Fashions is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Short Jewish Gal Summer Line: Daily Bubble Wear. In an interview at her palatial estate, the SJG explained the motivation behind her exciting new creation. "Listen, I don't know about you, but I know about me, and lately, I feel... oh... a bissele vulnerable out there in the world. From what I gather, it's a scary-ass place. Most days, I'd rather stay in my own cozy protective bubble and tune out all the negativity. But every now and then, a gal has to venture outside to pick up some bagels and lox. So that's when it hit me like a year-old frozen babka. Why can't I take my protective bubble with me everywhere I go? So that home or away, bupkis can get to me. Of course, being the trendsetter that I am, I wanted to whip up something special. Cuz let's face it, dressing yourself in ordinary bubble wrap could make a short gal look chunky. So I called on my favorite designer Frieda Me Firstenberg and she came up with the most fetching and figure flattering Daily Bubble Wear design on the market today. It pops with color and even has a jaunty hat to go with. I feel pretty darn confident that this bubbly frock is going to sell like hot kugel. I haven't even finished this interview and I already have 14 orders to fill. So hurry up, ladies. Don't let the bubble parade pass you by, bitches! You'll be the envy of the Sisterhood. You're welcome! Oh, and P.S., so there shouldn't be any confusion, hat sand shoes old separately."

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