Sunday, June 11, 2017

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel

I'd just turned 8 when "Batman" debuted on ABC. I worshipped everything about it -- the cheeky humor, the campy music, the tongue-in-cheek villains, the cartoon "Pows!" and "Bams!" and "Zaps!" that flashed on the TV screen. Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin made me laugh and "riddle me this" and set the tone for my love of all things ridiculous. Give me over-the-top and silly slapstick and I'm in heaven. Little has changed in terms of my viewing habits.
The fact that "Batman" aired twice a week -- 7:30 on Wednesday and Thursday -- made it all the more wonderful, not just because I adored the nonstop action and corny dialogue, but also because it was the only show I can remember watching with my brothers, just the three of us, actually getting along for a solid half hour. A miracle. Most nights, my parents wouldn't dare leave us alone, but there was something about "Batman" that put a spell on us. There was a ceasefire right there in the den. All the arguing, the teasing, the provocation stopped.
So thank you Adam West for bringing peace to the house for half an hour, twice a week. It was lovely while it lasted. 

R.I.P. Adam West