Monday, June 19, 2017

The Key To Happiness

Some nice people I've known a very long time.

According to a lifelong study conducted by the SJG Institute of This, That & The Other, the key to true happiness and well-being isn't how much gelt you make, what fancy position you hold, where you stand or squat politically, or the number of Netflix series you binge watch in one weekend. Although mazel tov to those of you who got through all 17 seasons of "The Worst Housewives of Sherman Oaks" in one afternoon. We're talking serious commitment.  

Some other nice people I may or may not be related to, 
and one I was smart enough to marry. 

Turns out, the key to true happiness and well-being is... drumroll please... the right kind of relationships (as opposed to the toxic kind) with family, friends and spouses. Father's Day, lovingly hosted by my brother Juan, was proof of a terrific collection of happiness-providers. I am, as they say, One Lucky Lil Jew. 

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