Friday, June 9, 2017

SJG Behaves Herself At Swanky Event

Justin Baldoni, Kara Allen Soldati of United Friends of the Children and Jaime Camil. "Is it true the SJG is going to be here?" asked "Jane the Virgin's" Baldoni. "Lordy, I hope so," said co-star Camil. 

(Beverly Hills) A short Jewish gal was briefly released from her Sherman Oaks comfort zone to attend a swanky fundraiser for United Friends of the Children at the Beverly Hilton Thursday evening. As she entered the grand ballroom in her big girl party dress and strappy sandals, she whispered to the man she calls hubby, "This is the room where I lost that big award many years ago." Hubby pointed to a table off to the side. "We sat right there." "There was no way I could get to the stage to claim my award without taking an Uber -- a good indication I was about to win bupkis." Hubby sipped his wine, contemplatively. "I don't think they had Uber back then." "True that." "You're still a winner in my book." "Right thing to say, honey." "I rehearsed it on the way over."

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