Friday, June 23, 2017

Spot Quiz

"Pay attention, kitties. This is 50 percent of your grade."

Who stood right behind James Corden & family before boarding a flight to London last night?
a. Not me
b. Not you
c. The tallest Jew in the immediate family

"Pardon, but aren't you that Jewish rapper I've heard tell of?" 

Why is said someone going to London instead of keeping me company on the sofa?
a. Said someone misses his royal family
b. Said someone misses his old Eaton schoolmates
c. Said someone misses his special someone

"Hullo, chaps! Tally ho! Pip pip!"

How long will the afore-mentioned youngest be in Ye Olde England?
a. Till he's elected to Parliament
b. Till he reunites the Spice Girls
c. Till he boards his flight home

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