Thursday, April 15, 2010

Caught In The Slammin' Door

So it's Andrew going home.  I called that twice, did I not?  I got it right, finally.  The bromance between Andrew and Lee ended in huggies and tears.  Andrew had such promise, but when you peak with "Straight Up," there's nowhere to go but down.  Yet, fret not, fans.  He'll reunite with Lee D. on the Idol tour, he'll make some coin.  It's all good.  Katie's well-deserved dismissal surprised me, in that I thought Aaron was the one getting the cowboy boot, or possibly Siobhan, but I threw Katie in there as a tentative back-up.  Give me a few points for that, at least.  Even the SJG gets it wrong now and then, people.  Much like the Elephant Man, I.  Am.  A.  Human.  Being. 
Be gentle, it's early, and this morning brought much confusion at the homestead.  The extended search for the missing cell phone of the youngest stretched from room to room, as I stood there, bleary-eyed, devoid of caffeine, pondering the latest news, courtesy of that fast-talkin' Ann Curry.  Let me just put it out there:  One more earthquake, one more volcanic eruption, one more Larry King divorce, and that's it, I'm moving to my Sideways world, and staying put.  I just can't take the uncertainty.  Meanwhile, I gulped some java and made a few feeble attempts to find the freakin' phone of the youngest.  The group activity went something like this: 

Hubby:  Where is it?
Youngest:  I don't know.
SJG:  I bet it's under the bed.
Youngest:  Why would it be there?
SJG:  I don't know.
Hubby:  Where is it?  Is it in the car?
Youngest:  I just checked in the car.  It's not there.
SJG:  I bet it's under the bed.
Youngest:  Mom!
Hubby:  Where is it?  Did you leave it at that girl's house?
Youngest:  No, I had it when I came home.
Hubby:  Are you sure?
Youngest:  Kind of.
Hubby:  I bet you left it there.
Youngest:  I didn't.
SJG:  I'll call it.
Hubby:  Did you throw it out?
Youngest:  Dad!
SJG:  No answer.
Hubby:  Where the @#$% is it?
SJG:  They're closing the airports in Europe.
Hubby:  I'll check the car.
Youngest:  It's not there.
Hubby:  I found it.
SJG:  Where was it?
Hubby:  In the car.

How was your morning?


  1. Everytime I lose my cellphone, my hubby CALLS it and we find it. However, the other morning, he left his cellphone at home and headed off to work. I promptly picked it up and CALLED him. DUH! You can't call the missing phone, with the MISSING phone. What can I say... it was early.

  2. Morning's are tough, let's face it. Better to sleep on into the day.

  3. GAWD. I've had that conversation so many times with my boy (who is much older than your boy), it's ridiculous.

  4. Lawdy! Better than wondering where your glasses are, when they're planted on your nose.